"Children believe their village is the world.  Adults should learn that the world is their village." - Shona Proverb



Levels of Support for Missions Around the World



Friends of Missions  $100 - $999
Magnificent Men and Women of Troas  $1,000 - $3,599
Majestic Leaders Approaching Philippi  $3,600 - $5,999
Amazing Missioners to Thessalonica  $6,000 - $9,999
Marvelous Missioners to Berea  $10,000 - $13,999
Glorious Missioners to Athens  $14,000 - $17,999
Wondrous Missioners to Corinth  $18,000 – 23,999
Exalted Statesmen to the Celestial City  $24,000 +


Invest in Christian Missions around the world in partnership with the Lott Carey Family.

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"To the world, you may make the difference of only one person.  To one person, you may make all the difference in the world."