Be transformed through short-term missional assignments!


2014 Team Jamaica!


See team Jamaica's video here



  • Discern how God is calling
  • Discover prospective partners
  • Dialogue to agree on the scope and scale of the assignment
  • Decide a date 9 – 12 months in advance
  • Determine the costs for your team and your hosts
  • Detail the schedule
    • Supporting with prayer
    • Purchasing tickets 
    • Getting immunizations
    • Confirming passports
    • Securing visas
    • Researching cultural practices
    • Participating in orientations
    • Preparing for serving
    • Training for serving
    • Securing supplies
    • Scheduling payments
  • Deploy the team for the missions assignment
  • Debrief daily and after the returng
  • Detail the short-term missions journey through images and words
  • Describe the experience through testimony, celebration, and worship


Explore short-term missions assignments to strengthen your discipleship formation. Contact Rev. Dawn M. Sanders, Director of Missional Programs, through