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The Tamar Campaign

The Tamar Campaign, a project developed by The Fellowship of Christian Councils and Churches in the Great Lakes and The Horn of Africa (FECCLAHA), seeks to close the gap of silence that exists in the church concerning Gender Based Violence (GBV).  Regretably, the church has largely been silent and hardly participates in shunning this vice. Our goal is to end Gender Based violence.  

This Contextual Bible Study Manual on Gender-Based Violence is a tool to help Christians fight to end Gender-Based Violence.  We invite you - urge you - to use this manual in small groups for maximum learning and growing.


Download the Contextual Bible Study Manual on Gender-Based Violence here. 




Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative


Lott Carey's Women's Unit is leading our effort to to build awareness, generate action, and encourage advocacy to end the scourge of human trafficking - modern day slavery.  Below are resources that you can use to advance this work of ending slavery today.


Lott Carey Anti-Human Trafficking Toolkit:



2014 Global Prayer 

Women Empowered through Prayer


Engage in 31 Days of Global Prayer Partnership addressing the international plight of vulnerable and exploited women. By sharing our strength as intercessors and prayer partners, we can stand with sisters who struggle to survive around the world.  Spread the Word! With God all things are possible for those who believe